Daydream Photography LLC is more than just a business; it's a dream decades in the making turned reality. I'm a portrait and wedding photographer who enjoys capturing memories for families that will last a life time! We offer our services to a range of photography needs: Weddings, Family Portraits, Events and Businesses. However, over the past six years that dream has also evolved into a mission. I am a father of a beautiful little girl who is non-verbal and autistic. Being a father of a special needs child has taught me invaluable lessons about compassion, patience, and understanding. It has also made me acutely aware of the challenges faced by special needs individuals when it comes to photography. Many times, capturing the essence of these unique individuals can be daunting, requiring an environment that caters to their specific needs and provides them with comfort and support. I believe that every person deserves to have their stories told, their dreams captured, and their uniqueness celebrated. Whether it's a couple embarking on a journey of love, a family creating memories together, or individuals with special needs embracing their true selves, my lens is committed to preserving the essence of their lives.

Meet your Photographer:

Hi, I'm Adam!

I am a father to a beautiful little girl with my gorgeous fiance' who are my greatest sources of inspiration to this journey. I'm thrilled to introduce myself as your Daydream Photographer. Photography has been an integral part of my life for the past two decades, and I couldn't be more excited to embark on this new chapter of turning my passion into a full-fledged business.Ever since I held a camera in my hands for the first time, I knew I had discovered something magical. The ability to freeze time, capture emotions, and tell stories through a single frame has always fascinated me. Over the years, my love for photography has only grown, and now, it's time to share that love with the world. My photography style is a blend of candid moments, genuine emotions, and artistic expression. Whether it's a couple deeply in love, a family sharing laughter, or individuals embracing their uniqueness, my goal is to immortalize those precious moments in images that will stand the test of time!