What is a Special Daydreamer?

A Special Daydreamer is someone who may be different but deserves equal opportunity to experience capturing moments within an environment that is comfortable to them. This service caters to families that may need extra assistance during a photo session due to sensory issues, wheelchair accessibility, or any other medical reasons such as autism, down syndrome, multiple sclerosis, etc. As a parent of a Special Daydreamer, I understand that these sessions may take more time and patience in order to capture these beautiful souls. The goal is to create an unforgettable experience, ensuring that every family member's story is beautifully captured and shared, regardless of their individual challenges. Daydream Photography strives to make photography accessible to all, allowing each family to cherish their memories for a lifetime!

Note: Each session may come with a questionnaire form to will help cater to your families' specific needs!

Service provided at a discounted price:

As a father of a Special Daydreamer, I am all too aware of the added expenses that may come our way. From medical bills, therapy sessions, all the way to missing time from work. These things can become very financially challenging. With this in mind, all special needs photo sessions come at a lower cost to help make your photo session more affordable. Payment Plans are available with all my packages. Please contact me for more information regarding payment plans and how they work!

As a photographer with a profound passion for creating meaningful and lasting memories, I have embarked on a remarkable journey specializing in capturing the beauty and uniqueness of individuals with special needs. My motivation stems from my personal experience as a parent, raising my daughter who has autism. Through this rewarding yet challenging journey, I have come to understand the obstacles faced when seeking a photographer who can genuinely cater to the needs of those with special requirements.

Why Daydream Photography?

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